What is Vocab Wizard?
Vocab Wizard
Vocab Wizard, developed by ReadingCare’s English education experts, customizes vocabulary workshop schedules especially for you: these optimal study cycles will help you learn and memorize the words as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Vocab Wizard will help you remember vocabulary words forever.
With other programs, students: With Vocab Wizard, you will:
often forget the words within days or weeks

memorize definitions blindly and inefficiently

must rely on bland, short, or ineffective
    sample sentences

waste time, due to a lack of systematic study
    schedules and guidelines

do not learn how to use the words in speech or
remember the words forever

recite the dramatized sample sentences repeatedly

follow a specially designed optimal study cycle

take a test after each study cycle, and easily keep     track of your progress

learn the usage of the words by reading the     sample sentences

feel comfortable using the vocabulary words when
    reading, writing, or speaking
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