About Us

The Ivy Town Educators is a group that consists of only the most accomplished and dedicated teachers and writers, most of whom are graduates of Harvard and Yale. We launched our online education programs with SATwords.com in 2000, IvyTown.com (formerly TopEditors.com) in 2002, and ReadingCare.com in 2003.

SATwords.com provided high school students with 1200 SAT vocabulary flashcards in pocket-sized boxes, along with 20 corresponding booklets of SAT reading comprehension practice problems. We merged this program with ReadingCare.com after we expanded the flashcard system to 4800 flashcards at four difficulty levels.

In Nonfiction Reading for SAT/ACT, the other sub-program of ReadingCare.com that launched in 2009, students read an article every day, Monday through Friday, which is accompanied by detailed tutorial annotations and a quiz with SAT/ACT reading comprehension questions. Writing and posting detailed tutorial notes and questions for an article every day is a novel and ambitious concept that no other tutoring service has ever instituted.

In 2012, we added two more sub-programs, Nonfiction Reading for 6th – 8th graders and Nonfiction Reading for 9th – 10th graders, designed to cater to middle school and lower-level high-school students, respectively. Especially in Nonfiction Reading for 6th – 8th graders, we added problem-solving drills with a video lecture to each article.

At Ivy Town Educators, Inc., we have always placed pedagogical principles above commercialism, and our primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness of English-language teaching methodologies.

Director: Myung Joh Wesner