How to memorize vocabulary words

Do not struggle to memorize the definitions of words.

You can truly understand a word and absorb it into your vocabulary only when you read and understand how the word is used in relation to other words in the sentences. Memorizing only the definition is a pointless and ineffective effort. To remember the words forever, you must first feel them in the sample sentences.

Visualize the vivid scene that each ReadingCare sentence evokes.

The words will come alive for you in the dramatized sentences of ReadingCare: you can easily visualize the simple yet vivid scene or image each sentence evokes. With repetition, the meaning of the word will be deeply engraved in your memory. Furthermore, your writing skills will also improve as you absorb the usage of the words and the various sentence structures.

Whisper each sample sentence to yourself.

Linguists agree that when trying to learn new words or languages, the most effective method is to recite sentences out loud as you read. Be sure to whisper the sample sentences to yourself to improve your vocabulary as fast as you wish.

Use the small fragments of your time you’d waste otherwise.

How can you read more than a hundred sample sentences a day? It sounds like a lot of work, but if you use the small fragments of time you’d otherwise be wasting, it’s not nearly as hard as you might think. Carry the handy, pocket-sized box of the ReadingCare flashcards with you.

Double your learning efficiency by also listening to the audio files.

You can double your learning efficiency by also listening to the ReadingCare audio files repeatedly. Listen to the standard pronunciation of each word and learn how the Harvard-educated specialists read the sample sentences before you read the words and sentences yourself.