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Vocab FlashCards 4800
Each pronunciation is linked to an MP3 audio file on our web site, so you can hear the standard pronunciation of every vocabulary word – free of charge.
Vocabulary Word
All the vocabulary words have been carefully selected from educational materials used in the United States, and include words at each of four difficulty levels.
Root Words
Root words help you feel the word’s meaning more instinctively, and also connect many vocabulary words to each other, enabling you to learn a greater number of words more quickly.
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Frequency of Word Usage
Vocabulary Word
Without root words, the flashcard is less effective as a learning tool.

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Vocab FlashCards 4800
Definitions of the vocabulary word. Since many words have more than one definition, many of our FlashCards show multiple definitions.
Synonyms of the vocabulary word. Most words will have synonyms, and synonyms will be provided for each definition. Memorizing synonyms can be a valuable way to learn many words in a short period of time.
Sample Sentence
Sample sentences play the most important role in the Vocab FlashCards 4800 program.

Carefully crafted by skilled ReadingCare specialists, each sentence dramatizes the vocabulary word in such a way that its meaning can be deeply engraved in your memory.

By reading each sentence repeatedly and visualizing it in your mind, you can master not only the meaning and usage of the word, but also the various sentence structures and styles of modern English.
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Omitted Definitions:
The sample sentences presented in other flashcard programs are mainly short, simple ones: they cannot help you visualize the meaning of the words.
Short Sample Sentences:
This forces you to use mechanical memorization techniques instead, which makes it harder for you to use the word naturally in a sentence, or become comfortable with the word as it may appear in a book or magazine.