Instructions for Free Trial
Step 1:

Vocabulary Preview

In this step, you preview the vocabulary words used in the reading passage before you read it. Our reading specialists will help you by employing the extensive Vocab 4800 database, which includes unique and enlightening sample sentences. You can also listen to word pronunciations and audio recordings of sample sentences, and store this information in your own vocabulary notes for future reference.
Step 2:

Preliminary Reading

This is the preliminary first read. In this step, you will read the passage without tutorials. Even if reading comprehension is difficult at this point, the independent first read is a very important step. Any word can conveniently be double-clicked in the text to view the’s page on the word. If a graph or a table is included in the reading passage, you can view it by clicking on the graph button below the passage box.
Step 3:

Read the passage again with help

In this second read, you read the passage with the help provided in the tutorial section, which includes sentence analyses, presentation of background issues, main ideas for each paragraph, the author’s position, and other helpful sections that will facilitate comprehension of the reading passage.
Step 4:

Take a reading comprehension test

A multiple-choice critical reading test is then administered. The test-taking time is limited and you are permitted to take it only once.
Step 5:

Take a vocabulary quiz on the passage

A vocabulary quiz is also administered for each reading passage. You are permitted to take the quiz only once, and the quiz-taking time is limited. Since vocabulary preview notes cannot be consulted while the quiz is taken, you must study your notes thoroughly before you take this quiz.
Step 6:

Ask questions and debate the passage’s main arguments

On the Forum page, you can ask questions individually to the online tutor or spark debate with other members on any aspect of the passages.
Check your progress in a detailed report.
In the detailed progress report, you can keep track of all the passages you have read since joining the program, as well as your critical reading test scores and vocabulary quiz scores.