On Our Daily Nonfiction Reading Online Programs

  1. How It Works
  2. For our three online reading programs, our staff selects and posts informational or persuasive nonfiction texts for middle and high school students. These selections are updated daily, Monday through Friday, and are accompanied by a carefully crafted quiz.

    But we don’t JUST provide a daily passage and a test, then hope for the best. We have painstakingly designed each reading program to guide students to a mastery of reading comprehension, by providing in-depth tutorial notes, critical-reading questions, text analyses, and more.

    Please watch this three-minute introductory video for a clear, step-by-step overview of how our programs work.

  3. About Our Programs at Three Levels
  4. Since its founding in 2009, Reading Care has been a trusted source for high-quality online educational programs for middle and high school students. By providing both persuasive and informational nonfiction reading selections, along with an advanced testing system that uses parental controls to ensure student adherence, Reading Care has become one of the most effective reading tutorial systems in America.

    • Informational Nonfiction Reading for 6th – 8th Graders
    • The passages in this program match Common Core reading texts for middle school, as well as simpler problems on the SAT and ACT reading tests.

      By reading our premium texts and taking our daily reading comprehension quizzes, students can meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, while also preparing themselves for the more challenging material they’ll face in high school.

      This particular program also includes mini-lesson videos as part of each quiz.

    • Persuasive Nonfiction Reading for 9th – 10th Graders
    • We designed this program specifically to help students comprehend the persuasive nonfiction texts found in the medium-level SAT and ACT reading problems.

      High school is a lot harder than middle school—so the passages and questions in this program are more challenging, too, helping you meet new Common Core demands. The reading level and quiz questions in this program match medium-difficulty texts and problems on the SAT and ACT.

    • Nonfiction Reading for High-Level SAT and ACT Problems
    • Generally recommended for 11th and 12th grade students, the persuasive nonfiction reading passages and quizzes in this program match the most difficult problems you’ll encounter when taking the SAT and ACT reading tests.

      In addition, this upper-level program for high school students also provides one passage from classic literature every other week, and one passage that includes a graph or a table, as you’d find on the real SAT every week.

      The evidence-based questions that students will encounter in this program are identical to the kind they’ll see on the SAT and ACT reading tests.

  5. What makes Reading Care different from other programs?
  6. We provide the best online reading exercises for middle and high school students— regardless of past reading habits. Because each passage in our ReadingCare programs is accompanied by in-depth tutorial notes and quizzes, even students who have never been big readers can learn and improve their reading comprehension skills.

    All of our nonfiction passages include the following:

    • extensive vocabulary notes
    • dictionary.com embedded in the passages
    • detailed analyses of challenging sentences
    • paragraph summaries
    • forum pages for one-on-one discussions
    • eight SAT/ACT-style reading comprehension questions per passage
    • a vocabulary quiz
    • mini-lesson videos in the program for 6th - 8th graders
    • progress reports updated in real time for parental supervision
    • and more!
  7. Which program is right for me?
  8. Check out our program selection guidelines in the table below to help you find the right program for your needs.


  9. Where do you get your nonfiction passages?
  10. We select our passages and graphics from high-quality sources such as The National Archives, Project Gutenberg, and various publications by the U.S. government and news media. Test writers for the New SAT/ACT reading tests get their passages from similar sources.

  11. What topics are covered in your nonfiction passages?
  12. The three programs cover topics in the social sciences that include anthropology, communication studies, economics, education, human geography, law, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology, and their subfields. Science selections cover both foundational concepts and recent developments in the natural sciences, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and their subfields.

  13. Who created this program?
  14. All the ReadingCare programs, including the tutorial sections and quizzes, were created by a team of elite English educators who graduated from Harvard and Yale.

  15. How do I know that the ReadingCare’s Nonfiction Reading Programs will be effective?
  16. To learn more about why we designed this program the way we did – and why it is so effective – please read on: